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Dizzy Wright

"TeamBackPack Cypher 1"

Man, to be honest, I don't feel like rapping
Just the other day some f*ckin' bullsh*t happened
I f*cked my girlfriend and she didn't take the birth control
And now she might be pregnant, that's what hurts the most
To top it off, she wants to break up with me
She don't understand this rap life gets tricky
Girls on Twitter want to marry me and kiss me
But I'm a nice guy, you could even ask Dizzy
If you hurt then I hurt
Man, my life's dirt
Baby, I promise I'ma think twice if I flirt
Now I'm feeling bad 'cause I didn't write a tight verse
So I wrote some bullsh*t, just hoping that it might work
Who you think you playing with? My rhymes stay legit
Balls so big they touch the water when I take a sh*t
Illuminati got you n*ggas binded like a paper clip
Without them you'd be nothing, you're loving the fact that they exist
I got the coldest flow, doesn't take a pro to know
Only n*gga buzzing this hard who hasn't sold a soul, yeah
Sorry that I couldn't spit tight
But f*ck it, I'ma pass it off to Dizzy Wright

[Dizzy Wright]
The hardest coming, I'ma show you I don't start for nothin
If you ain't calling me real, n*gga, don't call me nothin
I used to start functions, now these rappers target running
My daughter growing, so this rap sh*t is all or nothing
Representer, never sicker, I'm clever n*gga
Money motivate them Jordan under the pressure n*gga
Seven grams in a swisher, and that's a gram a man
See, it's a new day, and I'm looking like Kevin Durant
f*ck the critics, my lyrics became my record deal
Funk Volume, b*tch, I don't need a better deal
A lot of n*ggas is talking but they ain't moving
Let the moving do the talking instead of trying to be extra real
West Coast, but I was found in Vegas
Now when I travel, my shows be cloudy occasions
Why you hating, I made it and it's amazing
They waiting on 4-20 for that SmokeOut Conversations
Basic? b*tch, don't ever disrespect the playerness
Play play is over, I ain't the one to be playing with
Keep the sh*t 300, but y'all don't hear me saying sh*t
Cause when I do, I'ma be the n*gga changing sh*t
To my last day, these rappers is past gay
FV, we looking like the heat, on a fast break
I got the cash in a bag and I'm twisting up the half
My sh*t is crack your sh*t wack like sad day (??)
Don't make me put you in your place
Get it straight, I been killing sh*t since 08
Debate against a fan and get the hand across the face
I know some stans that will stand you in your place
Dizzy Wright, n*gga

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