I Can’t Quit

Dizzy Wright

[Intro: Dizzy Wright & (Producer Tag)]
Yo (DJ Hoppa)
Oh man
You know I had to pop up at the new broken complex spot
Know I had some things on my heart, on my mind I want to talk about
Uh-uh, go ahead and roll that up

[Verse 1: Dizzy Wright]
Leaving my footprints on the surface
Engrave my granny name in the ground and I'm still hurting
Grandpa I miss you too, since you been gone I been searching
Soul set on fire but I never became a burden
I just try to remain a king but everything feel extreme
Now they saying science can give us a a quicker vaccine
It's crazy 'cause this pandemic just feel like a bad dream
We on a real mission
Can't prove all thе effects, that's another tricky condition
If it's prе-existed, then this knowledge is more conflicting
In a short amount of time look at the problems [?]
If you gon' let me speak my mind then I gotta be specific
We don't know what normal look like anymore with social distance
It's all moving fast
[?] your immune system, that's better than a mask
Pharmaceutical companies can humbly kiss my ass
I can't be no test dummy so I'll probably pass
But I appreciate the bravery, I can channel that
Yeah, I can channel that

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