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Dizzy Wright


[Verse 1]
Sometimes I ask myself, is it really worth all that it comes with?
My main b*tch overlooked my needs
Cause she think my fans come with some kinda comfort
We argue a lot, but now I feel I'm wasting my time
Can see my flaws, but can't see when I'm trying
I don't ask for sh*t, but you ain't feeling me
Future holds limitless possibilities
So if you stop believing
There's not a reason for you not receiving
Cause there's not a goal that I'm not achieving
I just need time, a little kush
With a little push
I know I ain't right, but I need mine
Think and grow rich, fix your face
The struggle is poetic It's giving birth to go out and be a great
In many ways, more than music, more like life changing
Surrounded by the Angels and the Satan's and it got me feeling

Frustrated just a lil bit
Gettin frustrated by the lil sh*t
I walk around like everything okay
But I don't know how much more I can take
Lord I'm 'bout to explode
Got me dealing with my high's and low's
Trying to stay high, but I'm surrounded with low's
Where do I go?
When I can't do my best
I'm frustrated on the road to success
I need answers

[Verse 2]
I wanna see the dollars circulate
Bout to elevate
Having visions of a victory
I'm 21 with the voice of the dead, you mof*ckas about to witness history
So then I wake up with my mind on a mission
My grind now it's time for me to be more realistic
It never stops
She trippin, I ain't trippin
As soon as I got my vision I was connecting the dots
Big Will probably trippin' right now cause his lesson was got
This is the truth behind the message from pac
They ain't feeling me though
n*ggas blinded by the industry flow
Categorize me as soon as I entered the door
It's all assumptions
And assumptions is basically nothing
Cause if you think about it it's all in your head
I been stressin a lot
Rapping trying to send my message to god
Got on my knee's and this is all that I said
This is all that I said..


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