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"Letter to the Rich"

[Verse 1: Powfu]
Lemonade to the Brim, Key, Sippin’ out the glass
Listening to people talk, watching people pass, I
Never understood, why we act the way we do
Talkin bout our riches and watches and new shoes
Like no one really cares, maybe first world citizens
While other children in the world, keep on shivering
We stand and watch, only give em what we littering
Sin inside our hearts slowly, burning us to smithereens
Yeah, I want to move out of this country
Stuffin’ out my mouth, while these other people hungry
Sick of this me (uh), sick and in a sea
When the kingdom finally come we the villians on the scene, and
I don’t want to be, and neither do you
Cause we ain't doing’ our best, and you know that it’s the truth
So let's stop, and give praise to the Lord
Yesterday is in the past, and tomorrow, we’ll move forward

[Verse 2: Johnny Dukane]
You Say, I'm rich and wealthy But Surely you're unhealthy
Your pitiful, blind, poor, all of your treasures are melting
Come buy my gold and, become rich
I'll dress you in white clothes to cover all of your sins, Cause
Godliness with Contentment is great gain
Never could acc*mulatin' wealth give you a great name, The
Envy and greed, when you feel that you need, More you
Fall love with the Money, .. the root of all evil, our
Material desires are those of the wanting mind
So even with more, we never feel Satisfied
The Things we buy, to pacify, the empty feelin’ inside
As if, man made things, will help us feel alive
I realized, my religion was materialism
Not realizing God gave, so I could be a giver
It’s Not for me to live in luxury, .. but to live more Brotherly
To be able to give Cheerfully, when my brother Need, ain't it
Envy and greed that makes a man bust guns?
We worry bout trust funds, but we can't trust funds
Put your trust in God above, cause it’s him who loves
Your true worth is not defined by dollar signs that you touch"
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