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"Sure Shot Singles: Artifacts – Come On Wit The Get Down"

“Come On Wit The Get Down”
Big Beat
Production: artists, Buckwild, Redman

Something about the Artifacts brings smoky visions of concrete eating MCs and ritualistic ciphers to mind. Accurately representing the street ghetto essence during every minute they manifest themselves on wax, the group continues their winning streak with “Come Wit the Get Down,” the second single off their rugged debut LP. Their deliveries are deliberate; their voices are clam and confident; their rhymes are wicked. “Come Wit the Get Down” consolidates these and other ingredients that make fat singles stand a part on its head.

     As with all dope singles, the chorus (“Come on with the come on/ Get down wit the get down”) carries this one all the way to the bank. One mix is hooked by a frenzied boom-bap. A remix is produced by BuckWild, the producer who freaked the remixes of O.C.’s “Time’s up.” Busta Rhymes—who heats up remixes like tabaco sauce— is on hand to coo the slowed-down chorus over moody xylophones. But the Artifacts don’t stop. Their New Jersey neighbor Redman produces a remix, spitting funk all over the track. Things get out of control. The bass bounces like a snake on crack. n*ggas lick shots throughout the chorus. Nobody’s safe. Artifacts bomb the tracks as if they were high school walls. On this single and both remixes, they don’t quit.

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