Derell (Attic Version)
[Verse 1: Savan DePaul]
Meet Derell- a troubled young teen
Mom's been gone long, for weeks it seems
Father's not even around- an even worse fact
It's amazing that Derell's here on Earth intact
But he was still broken
He was still choking
Words to his friends were barely spoken
He was full of anger, but still hoping
That Satan would turn and stop trying to corrode things
But what our subject fails to realize
He's still worth saving in the Good Lord's eyes

[Sampled Chorus- Das EFX, Artifacts] (4x)
(Interject with intellect)
(Peace to Big Poppa, the showstopper)

[Verse 2]
Roaming the ghetto
This hood is screwed
While he has two women literally screwed
Derell's morals out of the window
Like blown out of a skyscraper to the ground below
And don't tell him that this is the wrong way to live
He threatens many with pistols and shit, missiles and fists
But can't steer his own life away from strife
Derell needs to disown the trife
Cause right now, he was blaming God for all this horror
And as for insanity, he was on the border
He owns two city blocks, but what's that done for him?
When God takes those cities like Sodom and Gomorrah
[Sampled Chorus]

[Verse 3]
Two years later, drug abuse and alcohol have made things horrible
Abandoned everything and retreated to a corridor
His eyes saw nothing but pain
The tears and the years of damage to his brain
He shouted out to the sky, "Who's gonna save my soul now?!?"
But no one was around
He was alone now
Cold now with nowhere to go now
He didn't disown the trife or end his old strife
Instead, he opted to take his own life
Would he get the knife to cut?
Then he glanced at his prized shotgun
Shouted out to the sky, "God, you see what you've done!"
Without realizing he was the evil one
A single shot went off, bone broken by metal
And now Derell's doing a dance with the devil...