Wait - now if you let me just recall
I'll let you find, put in line the faults that made you fall
Stop don't give me a reason to leave
Or I will look inside myself behind the memories
I've moved on from you again
I'm stronger than you think I am
You've filled the space between with lies
Now I see darkness within your eyes

I've heard a thousand lies
I've seen the corrupt cry
I don't want to feel their shame
No, I won't play their twisted game
Without a care to give
I've got the rest of my years to live
I won't look back to regret them
No I don't wanna lose momentum

Stop - you never quite had your control
I still have mine as I am not renting out my soul
'Cuz I can hear the voices my head
I'll tune them out, outrun regrets until they're dead

No, not selling my soul
To the demons of old
I'm letting them go
Releasing them so
My reflection can't hold
Me back in the cold
Because I've been told
The future is gold
I feel like I'm free
Because now I can see
There's something out there
Waiting for me
Like bones in a cast
I'm healing at last
Now I'll conquer
My own past
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