Mrs. Sally Adams

Irving Berlin

Mrs. Sally Adams
Requests the pleasure of your company
At a supper and dance
A farewell party
That she's giving at her house tonight

Mrs. Sally Adams
The queen of Washington society
Anybody at all
Who's anybody
Will be gathered at her house tonight

Mrs. Sally Adams
The new ambassador to cross the sea
Missus Sally Adams
Who says "The hell with formality"

Mrs. Sally Adams
Mrs. Sally Adams
Makes 'em sing at her parties
And each guest becomes a ham
Giving all that he's got
It may not please the smarties
But she doesn't give a damn
If they likе it or not
She is liable to blurt out
The thing that shе should ignore
But nobody will care
She can iron a shirt out
That's stuffed with a senator
Or a Congressman there

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