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Keith Murray

"Rock Wit Us"

The style is new, so we all crowd round into a crew
This is what we do, we listen to you
Early thirties spitting words from the lyrical library
University that has nothing to do with us personally
This is new to you, there's a reason for that
This is beautiful, Canibus and Keith Murray rap
If you ever forget the best rap artist, no matter how they were regarded
Then you are soon to be forgotten

Yo, increase the cardio, follow the flow
'Follow the Leader', 'I Ain't No Joke', end quote

Barack Obama, speak patwa to the rasta
Tell him I say, I'm out to legalize ganja
Canibus at your service, small electronic purchases
I'ma show you the verses we working with

Who you battling, you ain't got nobody to blame
Just be happy your hair color got more black than grey
Rap is great, you listen to my songs every day
Come to find out if I'm really not as wack as they say

Why do you rap? I don't have to discuss that
Temporary layoffs mean good times to bust raps
I whistle through my teeth when I sleep
The only time I ever feel at peace is when I spit to a beat

You had a nervous breakdown after you vocalled the verse for me
The surface degree hotter than some barbecue burger meet
You don't know me, you just heard of me
You worshipped me but then deserted me, cuss me out with no common courtesy
You misinterpret me
Where on this Earth do you think I deserve to be in the middle of the next emergency
You wanna learn from me then turn to me
Or turn away and don't even work with me, but I won't search for the beef

Yeah he fell to his knees in despair and disappeared
I signed the wall, "Keith Murray and Canibus was here"
The names have been changed to protect the privacy of the lyricists
That spit like this when they serious

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