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Keith Murray

"Tetragrammaton Gods"

[Intro: Canibus]
Yeah, Tetragrammaton Undergods

The Canibus' stone is composed of Mastodon bones
Slaves below moan tryna master my poems
Superbowl Superdome size maelstroms
Record sale boats impale you through your throat, you are whale bones
You will die alone, you refinanced your soul
You ain't no god, you a Hip Hop clone
Some men say I'm MJ, the microphone great
I moonwalk into the airlock, catapult into Space
Backspinning like a B-Boy with ears like Leonard Nimoy
I shine so bright your eyeballs keloid
The Tetragrammaton is deployed, the Earth will not be destroyed
We will stop Apothis the asteroid
Close encounters with Light forms in a black void
James Earl Jones Royce, your lips look like a pair of hemorrhoids
You a puppet pretending to be a poet
I'm the first one that knew it and they still don't know it
I come through to start the commotion, choke him, his arms big as Hogan
I don't give a f*ck n*gga, I'll smoke him
You let your greed control your emotions
How you leading the people, you ain't Moses, you Twitter posting
The Flood coming, you ain't Noah, you ain't warning nobody
Matter fact you tryna blow the boat up
With your own families on board, y'all just loyal dogs
Therefore, you will never be the royal Undergods
You sold yourself short
You can't spit ten thousand bars like the real Tetragrammaton Gods

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