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"Open Letter"

See I know
Yes I know I'm no angel
After all those conversations about my pride
About my heart being in the wrong place at the wrong time

I know my pride got the best of me
But I preserved what was left of me
I’m finally takin' my time
To find what's real
You can tell I turned the tides
If you look me in my eyes
Gimme something I can feel

Here’s an open letter to my next girl
Promise I'll raise you up above the rest girl
Promise I'ma take my time, do this thing right
Here's an open letter to my ex-girl
I hope you find a man that treats you better
Than I treated you
'Cause I swear you deserve it all

Wanna apologize for all of the lies
I never really put in the time
I told you I felt it, but I barely felt at all
See I'm tryna focus on the light
Won't have no women on the side
Bring you flowers and tell you you're beautiful
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