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Guvna B


[Verse 1:]
Allo Mate, yeah
I'm poppin' tags in 'ere, Adidas
When I was younger I could never see me havin' that
From the estate to the States
I had features on my tunes
Came from nothin'
I got state-sized sneakers in my room
I ain't a rapper that jus' talks 'bout clothes an' money
That's 'cause I know enough to know that struggle isn't funny
So I'm out here, out here tryna inspire, 'spire
I tell 'em "Right here, right here, you can play higher, higher, yeah."
Sit down on my road like "Yo, yo, yo"
I'm writing to show them hope, hope
'Cause I ain't tryna make it [?], no
I'm tryna spray the bars so they know
They can go
Anywhere they wanna go
Everywhere they wanna roll, jus' go through
Don't give in
It's your life
Jus' live it
I tried that
I'm winnin'
Your turn, so
Go get it
They said "You [?]"
Jus' say you can an' give it
The best you got, that will do
'Cause heaven's got a plan for you, you, you

I still ain't got over all of that pain, no
But still I keep lookin' out for that rainbow



[Verse 2]
Yo, yo
Man I [?]
Like, man I gotta hold of this
Play this on the road an' it's
Boombox gon' blow when it's [?]
Got that ooh, babba, ooh babba flow for this
[?] runnin' in my zone with this
Nokia ringtone on my phone for this
'Cause jungle is my [?], not know for this

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