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"Through the Gate"

[Verse 1]
If a nuh Indonesia
A Vietnam mi shoes dem make
Mi nah nuh imitation
Fly out nuh need nuh stop
Nuh need nuh immigration
Yeng kush inna mi brain
Mi use fi aviation
So do yuh calculation
f**k yuh gyal inna har mouth
Den gih har a facial
Nuh use tongue
Gyal c*m from penetration
Dem validation up
Guh check the expiration
Di allegation nah nuh facts
It nah nuh registration
Anything yuh hear mi chat
Dat a legislation
Hennessey we drink
Through any type a situation
A beat dem bad
So who a mad need dem medication
Dem underestimate
And never do nuh evaluation
Di whole a dem a cartoon
Real animation
To dancehall
Dem a one big abomination
A fight mi fight fi dis
Mi never get nuh nomination
From mi get the break, nuh brake
Straight acceleration
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