[Intro: Intence, I-Waata]
Nuh tek nuh kick, nuh box up
Badman nuh tussle

Gunshot inna yuh face, bad like Claude Massop
Ginger beer deh ya fi who and who mi see a gas up
Yeng play, watch yah

[Verse: Intence, I-Waata]
She seh di fat boy nah nuh use, better him bun a chalice
Yuh know how long she waan di f**k, him belly been a block it
And when him have har pon video call, a show him crotches
And as him hang up bout f**k it, yow a mi a stab it

So all who a run dung cute, gwan own some jacket
All da one deh ova deh so, mi know him been a back it
Di short gyal him have, a regular mi run har battery
Round up couple dawg, b*t*h she suck a dozen c*cky

[Chorus: Intence, I-Waata]
Dawg try tell dem how wi roll
Reebok classic and mi polo
White like mi rub di nadinola
General wid badge, mi a soldier
All now dem nuh wake out a di coma
If mi gun cyaah go dеh so, mi doh go
All who a chat tough, nuh mek wi hold yuh
Program run, mi get di photo
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