One Time, tell 'em try we, just try we
Pull up with this automatic inna di driveway
Smaddy ah guh get di bird, ah guh fly away

[Verse 1]
Gi dem another series, smaddy deep freeze
Barrel ah spin like me rochit keyring
When mi see dem deal wid, mi nuh deal wid (Nuh)
Mi load up mi ring, dem fi know mi deal big
Suh anybody f**ked up ah guh feel it (Feel)
One Time warrior nuh carry feelings
Suh if yuh nuh ready, betta yuh leave it
Clean dem a murderer, oh, really (Oh, really)

Tell 'em just try mi, just try mi
Show dem di real meaning of grimey
Di AK ah play inna smaddy body
Left dem full ah blood, dem at ninety
Condolence to di family, you know me sorry
Body look cranny, dem haffi bomb eh
Tricky wid a girl, killed Ken, Barbie
When dem a look for broad, box is a addy

[Verse 2]
Nuh way, know di ting gonna need nuh party (No)
Mi a load mi gun, mi nuh bring nuh body
Finna roll six, finna bring dem body (Nuff)
Mac 11 sing, yuh woulda tink of shorty
Put money pon dem head every year like mortgage
Scoops dash a body, head full ah [?]
Load up di punks have more cartridge
Everybody get it know a lone carnage
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