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"Jimmy Brown - A Favor (Ft. Milky Day) (Romanized)"

[Verse 1: Jimmy Brown]
I swear I been workin' on me
Sandro, beamer gal giri ajik meolji
Dama Chanel gadeuki sireo Bentley
Ilnyeon hu know where I be
Modeun neoegeseo

I'ma do you a favor
I'ma do you a favor
Nan nungama da nekkeo
Malhae dahae neon yeppeo

[Chorus: Jimmy Brown]
Your wish is my command
Baby, we can ride away
Neowan neul aneukae
Uriroman gadeuk chaewo

[Verse 2: Milky Day]
Girl, lemme do you a favor
Genie for a wish
Anything that's on your mind
Give it to you later
Show me your story, I'll teach you my sеcrets
Yeah, yeah
Say what you want, 'causе I need it
Yeah, you be the one that I'm pleasing
Goddess o' love, you're my Venus
My weakness
My weakness
You and I beneath the moonlight
Holding onto you I'm finally breathing
We can dance until the sun rise
Ooh, woah, ooh, woah

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