Genius Romanizations

"Jimmy Brown - Something (Romanized)"

[Verse 1]
Is it deja vu?
I been looking for you
Now I got a problem
I'm talking 'bout you
Manyage naega gureumwie kondoreul gajigo itdamyeon
Modeun myeoneseo boda deo naasseul tende

How you like that?
Seoului skyline-e nuni daeulttaen
Neon neomu nopgie
Yeh I need you but soneuljabgien
So I keep it hunnit with you
It's you and me
Yeah, its just you and me
They got nothing on you you you you

It could be something if you believe it
It could be something if you believe it

I just wanna know
Malhaji anado dwae
Tell me where you wanna go
Saying you’re the real one babe
I stuck to you baboga dwae
Neol dameun gose gidaemyeon dwae
You know I can't do this on my own
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