"No Fux"

Control my love from up above (above)
I give no more f**ks for us
I have had enough this life is rough (yeah, yeah)
Why you gotta bluff if you ain’t f**k with us?

This choppa moving (moving)
Spittin’ revealin’ the dark you oozing
In this rari I’m drippin’, I start to move things (I move things)
Sittin’ back sippin’ watch your b*t*h choose me ( she choose me)
Now I know your true colors, so what you proving? (you proving)

f**k you then you finna prove
f**k you then you finna do
n***as is plottin’ to lose
I’m used to the mental abuse
sh*t ain’t gonna kill me, it’s only a bruise
Me and blue find a clue
She poppin’ the pills while I’m smoking the woods
On her pu**y she got a tattoo
Now I’m like f**k
They f**kin’ with the glow up
I need a pour-up
Comin’ To the comma
I’m countin’ commas
Take trips to the Bahama in my pajama
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