Lil Keed

"75-85 North"

Turn that sh*t up put on DJ Ridd**k
Keed, talk to 'em
Toven Season 4

[Chorus: Lil Keed]
Stay down and get up, ya, ya
Taste more syrup than fanta, ya, ya
Porsche 9/11
I don't pick on peasants
I got a bad b*t*h, ass fat, always got a wedgie, (Talk to em')
City girl, City girl
pu**y n***a touch sh*t shoulda been a sheriff
Wit' yo b*t*h in that Bentley sh*t swervin' on the curves
And we got heavy artillery, ya we in your world

[Verse 1: Lil Keed]
Pick up the backend
If I hit the choppa I'm knockin you back innn
Diamond they dancin' like one of the Jacksonnns
Get hit up i'm real, I'm not with the wrestlinnn' (let's go)
Talkin' 75-85
But I'm goin' off
Chill no n***as ain't talkin' portapotty
Drop the juice you know Chanel, Drip Chanel, Kick Chanel, Be Chanel, b*t*h
I would fight the NY, I had to go see Elliot
And my pant fat as f**k
Like I cabbage in my sheet
In the mall I spent a dub
But that ain't sh*t, that ain't sh*t
f**k these hoe I don't show no love
Don't trust no b*t*h, Don't trust no b*t*h
I know these n***as think I'm slippin'
Pocket Rocket, I'm on my sh*t
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