I’m Higher*

Lil Keed

Lyrics from Snippet

I'm higher, I'm higher
High, high

I'm higher than [?], I'm so high
But don't fire, fire
Got' make sure you ridin'
Got' make sure it's [?], got' make sure it's tall
Rockin' Amiris pants with some pull up draws
Hey, I live a wild life (Yeah)
Hey, I'm in a loud life, yeah, yeah
Hey, b*t*h, I been it, Keed Talk to 'Em all night, hey
Everything on [?], so foreign, so nice
I'ma go waste it, I been drinkin'
We goin' up, we treatin' a monday like it's weekend
Hey, yeah, we'll ride in a Bentley just like a b*t*hy
Yeah, I ride in there strapped like I'm b*t*hy
[?] to it, yeah
I'm rockin' Givenchy, I pull up in Fendi, I'm rockin' Margiela toes, yeah
[?] racks, my jewelry dance, so the racks...

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