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"Back to the L.B.C."

[Intro: Crooked I speaking]]
Yeah, yeah, live from L.B.C, or as we like to call it, Live Bossy City
East side

[Hook: Dr. Dre and Crooked I]

Get my drink on and my smoke on
Then go home with somethin' to poke on
Back to the L.B.C
Back to the L.B.C, follow me, uh
Back to the L.B.C
Back to the L.B.C

[Verse 1: Crooked I]
Shown up, Crooked is so thug
White T-shirt it's gotta be broke club
E.V., some jeans your boys no scrub
Whip on dubs so these chicks they show love
I let 'em know a hood stars in the house
Cremmie and watch Cuban cigars in his mouth
Here to get paid in the largest amounts
Stacks a couple R&B stars then I'm out
This goes out to the homies on the block
Trying to get that paper can you feel me?
Money every day, money every night
We gon' get that dough
Follow me as I take my clique to the T.O.P
Circle of Bosses yeah we the C.O.B
Baby girl love young Crooked yeah he O.G
So in the L.B.C. that's where she gon' be

[Hook: K-Young and Crooked I]

Back to the L.B.C, (Oh-ohh)
If your down to ride shorty
Back to the L.B.C, (Let's Roll)
If your down to ride for me
Back to the L.B.C
Back to the L.B.C, follow me, uh
Back to the L.B.C
Back to the L.B.C

[Verse 2: Crooked I]
You make me want to leave the one I'm with
And start a new relationship, with you (Real talk)
I think you outta leave that dude you with
And come holler at me for a minute or two (Boss up baby)
What's your number, bustas wonder how I rock ice like I done usher numbers (Hey!)
They undercover, hating on a number one stunna, but they can't keep a hustler under (K!)

Every other city I go to, I got a thick pretty chick that's ready to roll through
Spit a little game, get in they brain, my boy Crooked the boss we treat them the same

[End of verse: Crooked I]
Females be givin' us TLC, we sell keys is what freaks tell me
Baby I get big dollars each LP, that's how I push the broad b*tch through each LB

[Hook: K-Young, Crooked I, and Dr. Dre]

[Bridge: Crooked I]
When you see us in the club it's gangstas in this party
We gon' sip that 'yac, that Patron, that Crystal and that Bicardi
Shorties on the dance floor I love when them girls get naughty
Guarantee before it's over we're leaving here with somebody

[Hook: K-Young, Crooked I, and Dr. Dre]

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