Don’t Walk Away
[Verse 1: Andrew 'Dice' Dinero]
That pain now gon' get ya'
When you think of how you miss her
And my heart's full of that sorrow that you can't drown with no liquor
You ain't around but still, I ain't takin' down yo' picture
When I make it out the hood, I'm still way down to come get ya'
I stayed down, so don't you go and exchange vows with no n***a
I made a vow, every day to pile yo' bank account with figures
But I'm about this rap life, but you wasn't feelin' that last night
You told me you was goin' to flip the script if I didn't get my act right
But that's unfair, cut me some slack, understand this is a juggling act
The hustle and bustle of jugglin' rap and smugglin' crack to cover the back rent
Sh*t, I ain't mister perfect but give me another chance, cause I deserve it
Don't walk away from me...

[Hook: K-Young]
Don't walk away from me
Whoa (Harmonizes)
Don't walk away from me

[Verse 2: Kenny Siegel]
It's the beginning of the morning
She'll wake up, start to feel the cover, stick a brother missing for the moment
I'm in the corner zonin'
Scribbling ridiculous sh*t to ensure the compet**ion doesn't want it
All she concerned about is me grippin' her and holdin'
Last night I couldn't hear the ending of the moanin'
Now its the mornin', I guess here comes the beginning of the groanin'
She said embrace me when you go to sleep
And when you awake you should be holdin' me
I'm losing my patience I mean O.M.G
What does it take for you to notice me?
And where's all the pay from being so busy?
And why's my bank account almost empty?
Woe is we, I want this Keith, but if I'm on main focus, I'm goin' just leave
She hates the role that it takes to be a dope MC
You goin' miss sleep, you goin' get heat
From the naysayers til the n***a on his feet
So I'm never off mine, that's for the rest
And when I make it you coming with, that's on the set
[Verse 3: Julius Luciano]
Mama let's stay together, like that lame BET show, we need to grow
I'm trying to get right every time that we fight, we reach for the door
See these emotions, is the reason that we both eager to go
You cryin' a lot, I'm feelin' your pain, I'm not a robot like C-3PO
You are a beauty no question, pure is truly yo'essence
Truly a blessin' ey, but you be so stressed
You hate studio sessions, but late studio sessions
Ain't no reason to ruin what's destined
You say, you need a F-in' break
You be so vexed, but ey
I never sniffed a line of crack
My addiction is the life of rap
My affliction is real, very real, no hypochondriac
Even though she wish I was a nine to five n***a
Told her, I'm chasin' my dreams
She say I'm trynna to ride with ya',real


[Verse 4: Demetrius Capone]
Where we m-izz-et there was ??? like kindred
Spirits and then when we in bed
The sex, the best
We in it to win it
But then next, you then left, to the left, to the left
You just wanted a normal life
I was chasin' rap to the death
Okay, you gone. It's been an hour, that's too long
Like U-Hauls, that's too small
It's too hard, for me to move on
In the back of my mind I'm still wit' ya'
Just give me some time to get richer
It'll get greater, later, when these major labels come sign some real n***as
But what about the time when I gave my heart
What about the times I gave my car
What about the time when I paid yo' rent
By breaking the law, slinging that rock
Wait, I don't wanna fight
I know you invested the best years of yo' life
But when this rap sh*t go right, don't let the next b*t*h live yo' life