The Summer’s Mine
[Hook: Demetrius]
The summers mine, Swear I said that a hundred times
I swear that it's real this motherfucking time-ime
Baby girl let me be honest I'm trying to make good on my promise
I promise (x2)

[Verse 1: Demetrius & Dice]

I know I pay the rent with promises
And I'm broke as my promise is but I promise this
Imma take you to the promise land when I'm the shit
I'm honestly tired of you trying to split
So Imma get rich or die tryin' I'm not lying you are my rib
Can't let you go, I can't let you go oh no no

You've been down this road I get it
You've been down before I get
Down when I ain't have shit
So allow me to pay my debt, you can't bounce I ain't made it yet

I may have said it once or twice, when I make it and money's right
Never let another woman come and live your comfy life
I may have said it a hundred times, but this summer's mine
Every second I'm on the grind, So give me 'till the summer time
Please (please) don't leave (don't leave)
Don't give me back that ring, Imma be in magazines
Like Dr. King I had a dream but I will never not
Need my Corretta Scott king that's on everything


[Verse 2: Julius & Kenny]

Wifey don't leave Imma make it before the summer's up
My girl is so mhmm one word can't even sum her up

Our song on R&B "Don't Walk Away I know it's desperate

And since we still broke and record it sounds like broken records

But don't reject this message thinking we over stressed it
Just grab onto a minute for me can you hold this second?
I hate to lose shit you saw when I lost my cell phone
So just imagine what would happen if you don't bring your self home
If you said it was over, that would be a shot right through my heart
Wait, hold on that's Big Sean's approach
I know I'm to blame beyond approach
But you rocked with a dude this far

And we gon' take it to the top my squad won't fail
Even people who don't follow us can tell
My wifey saying "get a real job rapping doesn't pay the rent"

But I hit the studio cause that's where all my money went