If you had the chance to change your whole life with one song
What would that song sound like?

[Verse 1]
Is music truly my calling?
Cuz my community's shocking
Poverty got us starving
That's why them toolies be c*cking
Failure's in hot pursuit of me
Crime rate's soon to be dropping
No loot to drop a pocket
No opportunity knocking
I can see myself living a better life
Let my mind travel through heaven
Escaping this hell
I tell myself, "Boy you better write"
Cuz every lyric is a key to the cell
Help me escape from this jail
The whole world need to know who flow the meanest
You won't compete with these Mona Lisa's
These masterpieces
You must be smoking baking soda mixed with cocaine
This is a stroke of genius with a broken English
Like a pencil in the hand of God
Giving it all the prophets their role of Jesus
To inspire hope, except I had no believers
I had to believe in myself
Now I'm sitting all alone in the zone
Writing trying to change my life with a song
[Hook: K-Young]
If this was the last song I ever wrote
The last song I ever sang
I hope my words echoed through the ages
So when they blew the dust off these pages
They know I'm a king
They know I'm a teacher
They know I'm a prophet
They know I'm a leader
I'm the soldier you can lean on
Try to change my life with one song

[Verse 2]
People said I would die a dope dealer
Until I picked up the pen and became a hope dealer
I'm being sincere
Just writing sh*t my younger self needed to hear
To make songs realer with no fillers
When it's dark and I'm feeling disgruntled
I'm hoping what I write is the light at the end of the tunnel
Turning tragic into something magic
As if I'm rubbing a Latin's lamp with my lyrics
Wishing for the end of my struggles
When will I be who I'm supposed to be
I can give you an estimate
But I'm only writing part of this song, God writes the rest of it
Guess that's why the flow is heaven-sent
And I know life's lessons are meant to test
Now say that backwards, that's "testament"
Tears gon' drop sometime, now that's definite
I never question it
I'm just focusing on my exidence
So next time you come to the slums knock on my do'
And if I ain't at home, I change my life with a song