U Shoulda Made a Phone Call
{*sample plays in background*}
"How much longer, must we share this masquerade?
You don't knowwww, it's just a silly little game we play, ohhh"

[Intro: Crooked I]
Yeah, it's summertime in Cali-FOR-nia, ha ha
I'm sendin a piece of Cali to all my real n***as across the world
My D n***as, NICKEL! Vish', Kino
Mike B, who but me?
My n***as in Jerz, Jumpoff, yeah
My n***as in Brooklyn, Ortiz in the booth holla
It's a piece of Cali, summertime huh

[Verse 1]
Yo Eastside up, Westside up
Northside up, Southside up
Lookin like I'm in a U.F.O. when I ride up
Low tires, chrome wires, big pipes fired up (yeah)
I'm on the West Coast, home of the kush smoke
Walkin with a cold diddy-bop like my foot broke
Where the b*t*hes got a bad mouth and good throat
We slang weed but we ball like we push coke
You upset seven days, you mad week/weak
I get more a** than the taxi - the back seat
I slap the a** of a bad freak
And make a palm reader read my future from the print I left on her a** cheek
If it's sunset I got a dozen whips behind me
If it's beef I got a hundred Bloods and Crips behind me
Soon as I'm miked up it's live coverage of the right subject
Me livin my life like F**K YEAH!
[Hook: K-Young]
When we rollin, always smokin
F**k ya momma, f**k ya hoes and
You ain't get at me when I want
My n***as tie up bandannas and sneak up on ya
Like ayy-ay-AY, do or die
This is a no-fly zone, call it a suicide
You shoulda made a phone call
You woulda been alright, alright

[Verse 2]
We used to ride Impalas, now we pushin in the Benz
With the Lorenzo kit, and the three-piece rims
My be in Roscoe's, might be at Eminem's
This Eastside L.B.C., my n***a
This Pigface Weapon Waist, let me set the record straight
Sceond-rate rappers, your neck and head finna separate
Gettin neck and head, naked sexin on the second date
Eatin eggs and steak, while a fella hella celebrate (yeah!)
This is Gangland, sh*t is outstandin
My n***as knock yo' a** OUT, without standin
From a wheelchair, uppercut you in the motherf**kin air
You a athiest, you never had a prayer
Slaughterhouse player, you already know though
A pig is our logo, but we ain't the po-po
C.O.B. is my religion, let the pope know
Cali is a no-fly zone, pick up the phone bro

[Crooked I]
Why ya wanna... gangsta hate on C, O, B?
Hat pulled low, you know me
Like a 10-K brick of yay a n***a low-key
I be, in the back of the club, I'm in the V.I.P
I'm mackin a sl*t, let me see some ID
Naw I don't do the Roman Polanski
One thing a b*t*h'll never see (what?) my house key
... Ay, ay - b*t*hes call me DREAM
And say Dominick Rule Everything Around Me
I got love for my hipsters and emo's
This is G though, this is Deebo
This is street soul, f**k the RICO
Hot as gonorrhea urine in your pee-hole
From here to Indonesia
I rep the two fingers twisted between your pinkie and trigger squeezers


[Outro: Sauce the Boss]
Yeah n***a, you know what it is
You heard it from the boss' mouth
This is C-motherf**kin-O-Bosses
And I'm Sauce the Boss, the prime minister of Watts n***a
And this is a no-fly zone, you get it?
N***a this a no-fly zone