In the Name of Love (Do It All)
[Verse 1: Rick Ross]
In the middle of the night we still shine bright
Lamborghini doors up, fuck 5 mics
24 carat Rolex, street merit
I’m in love with money, my women seen Paris
Bad bitches all bleeding in the red bottoms
Squad of cheerleaders but you know I rare doubt em
Pick them out, skip about, just to trick em out
Pop a rubberband purple rain pistol pow
Beverly Hills, chill that’s 70 mill
I love her becky but damn check out ebony hips
I’m in the M6 with a slim chick (boss)
I’m a big boy talking big business!

It's all in the name of love
All in the name of love yeah
I'll do anything for my favourite girl
It's all in the name of love
All in the name of love
Do it all for my money
I do anything for my favourite, girl

[Verse 2: Game]
Louis Vuitton Don
I say this a mother fucking cold world
Fucking with old girl
Life is a bitch and I'mma fuck it till the toes curl
2 feet up in this rap shit
Went from snapbacks to fitted caps
Back to snapbacks, shit ain't the same
The n***as know I was pushing 8 balls
Dreaming about Jigga's dough
How am I supposed to get it, though?
With 6 n***as hustling at the same liquor store
It's my corner, don't make me let that fucking four nickel go
Then I woke up, shit was just a bad dream
And that part of my life is just ink in a magazine
Four XXL covers, Source and The Vibe
Rap was an empty swimming pool, and I still took the dive
Now its Phantoms in my front yard, dobermans in the back
Wear my black coat black cause I’m the coldest on the track(track)
Matter of fact I’m the coldest in the game
Hence my fucking name, a permanent bloodstain

[Verse 3: Cashis]
I stack it I'm a boss like Ross
Haters round the world I'll ball at y'all cost
Stab blew that big straps I got em
Big digits, we go get it with no problem
Old school whips with a modern day engine
Its tuned to huntin the chip in em
Like Jordan back to back a champ you can see winning
God didn't front to true sinners
Money is my bitch a slave to die with us
She'll die to go with me
Blissfully ball till shots sent for me
We holding hands in the middle of the streets
Suckas want to get to you, they better bring the end of me


[Verse 4: K-Young]
Monte converted coupes damn right we shine bright
Miami sky line boy we love the lime light
Bad bitches with me I better fuck them all
She's sees the Breitling shining, she loves the Audemars
Bitches from Brazil count that half a mill
VVS stones bitch and them shits be real
Choppers in the ride so don't play with me
Catch a homicide and head right back to Germany
Louie loafers bitch I stay clean
S65 that’s my new Mercedes
Dope boy dreams balling like the 80’s
Sticking to the motto: "N***a fuck you, pay me"