Kills You Slowly lyrics

The Chainsmokers

[Verse 1]
Made plans with me and all your friends
I'm late again, I hate to keep you waiting
Tried to be a gentleman, got drunk again before I even made it
Tried to call a car for you, you're tired of me
I know you wouldn't take it
You walked a mile in Louis Vuittons and f**ked 'em up
You know that they're my favorite

But we dress up and play pretend
Then we act like we're good again
I do things I can't defend
And even when you hold it in

Hold it, even though it kills you slowly
Explosions hidden when we're in the open
Keep on smilin' until it's over
Hold it, even though it kills you slowly

[Verse 2]
Arguments that never end
You're talkin' sh*t to spice up conversation
I'm so sick of back and forth
These fights with you are startin' to feel contagious
Said that I'm no good for you
Right before we walk into your parents
Then you put on that smile again
And grab my hand even though you hate it

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