Chris Rock
VMF 11/23/15 (feat. Chris Rock)
(Uh huh, see)
Walkin’ down the street
N***as see us though
Its time to switch the fuckin’ flow
Get the fuckin’ phone
Call up my n***a McCandles
And he say “Whats up? lets go get some hoes.”
“Let’s go get some hydro, get some brews”
I’m tryna fuck so many hoes that I get
Get excluded from anything that I lose
(And I)
Tryna get so fuckin in like a (And I)
Jump in a pool of liquor (Hold up, And I)
Drink it while I fuckin’ pass in it like a pillow (And I)
I come out the bitch
They givin’ me CPR with my head on fuckin’ crisp
Hold up they say Chris rock you fuckin’ dead
I said hell naw you can’t kill a legend in his prime though
He tryna get it like Lebron though
Or fuckin’ Kobe in his prime
I get mine tho
Ay, bitch
Whatcha mean
I’m sippin on the motherfuckin’ codeine (And I)
Done drunk too many pills then it’s dreams (And I’m)
Lookin’ up at the sky
And I’m fuckin’ dreaming bout all this money in my hand
With a fuckin’ Glock 40 in my back pocket, handy
Anybody know about my n***as in the sand then
God damnit tell em that I’m tryna get some wins (And I)
(AH) I just need a brick & a condo
Rip the plastic like I’m drinking mondos