We Are lyrics


[Verse 1: slchld]
You don't gotta say a thing because I already know
Finna get the gold, gotta hustle wanna show
My brothers what it’s like
Gotta be the one to go
Never had the dough but I'm always on a roll
They saying it's a business I don’t do this for the money
Got music in my blood just flowing for the ladies
I'm just kidding but I'm anxious
But I ain't angry

[Verse 2: slchld]
I put my hands up for the city the love
Brothers they be trying to get the money up above
But money ain't sh*t if you're doing what you love
Baby I can always tell you to be free but I know (I know)
I told you it's a secret I can't tell you anymore
You gotta join the gang baby if you wanna know
I live a happy life but it’s hardеr than it looks
Don’t you ever judge a covеr by it's f**king book, yeah

[Chorus: oceanfromtheblue]
Oh, nobody can’t made me
I can make to me
f**k the reference
Sometimes I feel too long about sleep that spend all day
'Cause I made 3 songs in oneday
One for the pay
Two for the EP
Three for it is
Another for the ocean (is me)
But you should have do like me
Or nah
But you should have do like me
Or nah

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