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Tokyo’s Revenge

"Baby Momma Drama"

[Intro: Joey Trap]
Aight, aight
(Look) Look
Lamborghini not a rental‚ I'ma dip off
Do a hundred out my driveway‚ p*ssed off
Shawty kissin' on my tattoos‚ lip gloss
Good top, almost tore my damn dip off- haha
Good top, almost tore my damn di*k off (My dot red‚ just like Clifford)
Aight, I can do that
(Look) Yeah, yeah
(Akachi on the beat‚ lil' b*tch)

[Verse 1: Joey Trap]
Lamborghini not a rental, I'ma dip off
Do a hundred out my driveway, p*ssed off
Shawty kissin' on my tattoos, lip gloss
Good top, almost tore my damn di*k off
I said
"Why you so muh-f*ckin' crazy, b*tch?
You only like me because I'm rich
You only like that my di*k is big
Want me to nut just to have my kids!"
I can't give a b*tch a ring like she rose out of sonic
Ironic, I'd probably be carnage if I had a comic
I'm buggin', your b*tch I be tonguin'
Them bands I be thumbin'
Them numbers I'm runnin', hold up
I only f*ck cause she fat, huh
I needed head from the back, uh
Shootin' windows with my mac, uh
Pro tools I be strapped

[Verse 2: Tokyo's Revenge]
I remember fightin' n*ggas super p*ssed off, uh
Jump a n*gga, just like criss-cross, uh
Big dog, what you p*ssed for?
Big metal, stick a n*gga like a pitchfork
Dippin' into the race, hoppin' out at your place
Put that di*k in your face, now go open the safe
Beat his ass, like a case
Get that bag, then I race
Look, I can't never let a n*gga try to ever control me
I'ma blow her back out then I suck on her toes, B
Bullets got him dancin' in the dark, just like he Joji
White b*tch with that powder, like that cardio protein

[Verse 3: Joey Trap]
Look, I eat five star, uh, you three, two
I get one band, like per letter
It say G U C C I on my sweater
I need freak b*tch, ain't nothin' better
Cold, like my muh-f*ckin' gang, look
We be really grippin' on them thangs, look
Wore my Louboutins up in the rain
Baby momma callin', let it ring

[Interlude: Joey Trap]
Aight, sike, I'ma pick this sh*t up, hol' up, haha
Yo, why the f*ck you ain't been payin' no child support?
You actin' all like, "YRS, Young Rich Squad," can't even pay f*ckin' no child support, broke ass n*gga
You ain't even
Yo, honestly I'm f*ckin' fed up with this sh*t, like

Yo, I ain't even nut in you, b*tch

[Verse 4: Joey Trap]
Look, uh
I ain't know I had a kid
I f*cked that b*tch, then I left, look
That b*tch is, look, uh
I slap the muh-f*ckin' tits off her
I f*ck that b*tch, then I dip off, look
All of my n*ggas, we crazy, uh
I swear, I'm a 90' baby

[Verse 5: Tokyo's Revenge]
Don't check the price, I just purchase, uh
They wanna cross me, like churches, uh
These n*ggas chicken like Church's, uh
Two straps on my belt like uh purses? uh
These n*ggas be talkin' a lot, i don't hear that trash right
Sea sick on my neck a rock, lookin' like a flash light
We play with the lead a lot, I don't mean no graphite
Look, she suck me, she have no lips, uh
I heard that b*tch has four kids, uh
I cannot go find my di*k
Think I lost it in her ribs, uh
That b*tch is paraplegic, uh
I give her meat, she a vegan, uh
I told that b*tch she gon' eat it, uh
Even if it make her sea sick, uh
She gon' throw up on me, I like it

[Verse 5: Joey Trap]
n*ggas say they got white, I'm Michael
Jackson's on me, throw out 20's recycle
I sip on codeine, don't chase it with Sprite though, uh
Think I'm addicted to meth, uh
Smell chemicals on my breath, uh
Spit on the beat make it dead
You need to go get your bread up

Uh, yeah, you know Joey's got them bands
Feel like I'm f*ckin' Metallica
I f*ck that b*tch in the Acura uh
SIKE I'm never in a f*ckin' Honda, uh
Life is such a b*tch and so is karma, uh
Slappin' up these n*ggas like E. Honda
I'm a motherf*ckin' street fighter

[Outro: Joey Trap]
Uh, look, uh-uh, huh, Hadouken!
Uh, I f*ck that b*tch and I'm shootin', uh
Told her, "Hop in or you losin'"
I really don't have a kid, by the way

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