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"Moonlight Serenade"

Lyrics from snippet

Ohhh, oh, ohh
You think I can't tell the difference
But I know I [?]
[?] not a lot of kisses
You wake up in my clothes
And maybe we just need a little distance
Not like I need you close
I'll edit you out of the picture
Maybe you'll finally let go
Go, go
Maybe I can finally let go
Maybe I can finally let. uh
Finally let go, I can't do this by myself, yuh
What do you know
Shorty wanna f*ck with me, I never fold
Guess she think she stuck with me but [?]
I would never want to fantasize
It feel like hatred every night
Let's do drugs in the phantom light
Eating xans, I feel appetized
Pull up to the crib tonight
Taste you on my lips and I
Oh, oh
I was just- I was just thinking
I been in the crib but you're drinking, uh
Listen, I long for your kisses
We was poppin' pills and I miss that feeling

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