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​ooi [owiː]


A snakebite
A fake charm
Beach fries
And some ring pops
Sharks in
Specials ops
And what was that?
You got some
Sand stuck
Between your teeth?
Rita rides
When she lonely and we cruisin along

The ocean
Opens up
A blue whale gulps
And swallows us whole
Down below
Something glows
That nimrod jonah with his nimbus gold
The lemonade
Turns luke-warm
A deep echo bounces off the belly walls
“have you seen the kikayon?”
“i think i saw it floating in the plankton”

I bite the straw
As we’re coughed up
Swirling thru a hairy jaw
That gold tooth
Gleams bright
As if to tell us love was in the sea tonight
Back up above
A raucous storm
We wash upon
A purple shore
The lemonade
Now ice cold
Tastes better than ever before
Time to use
That wishing star
Black beard gave us with a filthy burp
It only works
When used by a pure heart or broken soul

Whale don’t call forever
I know it’s true

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