All Out
[Intro: Arthur Verocai]
Na minha cidade do interior
Tudo que chegou, chegou de trem
Na minha cidade do interior
Perto da manhã, na boca do sol
Pra quem mora lá, o céu é lá

[Verse 1]
Frames cut off, hard to imagine
Runaway love on a treadmill gaspin' - for air
No care in the world
Clean cut, spit diamonds and pearls
Stand for something or stand clear
The story goes: "Courage met fear"
No interaction between both parties
Id rather go hard, than go Ed Hardy
No disrespect, remain calm and seated
Billy Jeans, not my loss so beat it
La Revolution will not be tweeted
Just to remind you, go tweet this
Fires out the speakers jeepers
Creepers what's your fear fact like
High enough to reach up to the highest street top
Im the profound type, i've been around kiddo
This is not a comeback
More like a Usain Bolt victory lap
Ain't sh*t to a homie, 9.58
Live and doing great, King Tuk mindstate
Still, this is not a comeback
Young homie ditch Lucifers contract
Like a choo choo train, mind on track
Paying fool the devil got his bum slapped
Still, this is not a umm
Fake presentation, half a** run
I missplaced my secret rap pa**ion
Illuminate like fake is some spazzin' boi
[Verse 2]
Half awake, half pa**ed the time
I was supposed to wake up, things starting to shape up
Halfway through, never half a**ed
Half a cake, no way fill the whole plate up
Food for though, feel free to fit in
Fully frontin' on fools by giving em a free listenin'
Light up, free four type brush dont blush