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(Swizz Beatz sings/ad-libs throughout song)

All right...
Swizz, Po
Respect our gangsta, n*gga
Lay down

What you know 'bout rollin' out?
Big Tec, big vest, hollow tips all up in that kid neck
Po live it up, yellow stones lit it up
Long John sickest tell, it's the kid, n*gga what?
Some of y'all rap n*ggas is girls
Hold my di*k, gappin' and flappin'
f*ckin' cartoons
These n*ggas guns don't go off until they say, "Lights, camera, action!"
Yo Swizz, tell them n*ggas, "Eat a di*k"
Gun up in your face b*tch, that way we don't miss
Unload the sh*t, then reload the sh*t
Head straight to the airport and unload some bricks
No lie, you n*ggas see me comin' down the streets
You'd think I was flyin', 12 cylinders
Brooklyn is mine n*gga, move over
Yeah I'm talkin' to you - f*ckin' di*k blower

[Hook - Shyne]
For all of y'all keepin' y'all in health
Just to see you wild and enjoy yourself
Cause it's cool when you f*ckin' with a n*gga like me
Cool when you ridin' with a n*gga like me

To all my Marla Mable b*tches just (shine)
To all my n*ggas keep it gully just (shine)
To all the ghettos in America (shine)
I'mma keep it gangsta till I die n*gga (shine)

Check it, aiyyo
All I need in this world of sin
Is a crooked lawyer, big rims, and a Mac 10
Ridin' through the city like I'm used to this sh*t
f*ck ya vest n*gga, my shells go true to that sh*t
Catch ya breath, you ain't heard about that n*gga Po?
Murder cases, downin' faces, Manhat' low
Leavin' pieces of your brain on your car do'
Lookin' gully in that Bent or that R-O
L-L, see you n*ggas in hell
Soon as they set my bail, I make another sale
sh*t, I set my mind at an early age
I was either gon' be paid or an early grave
What the f*ck? I got to have -
Blocks to smash, lots of cash, drops and ass
This is the truth, I probably die in my coupe
But I bet you only b*tches come to get me and shoot


I got my mind on this shipment, shipment on my mind
Bout to meet these Dominican n*ggas at 9
Rhyme, rap - the f*ck is that?
Only thing I wrap is yea n*gga, dyed today
Y'all got me confused, I ain't tryin' to fill nobody's shoes
I'm just lookin' for connects n*gga, doin' what I do
Back against the wall, against all odds
Tune in to my life n*gga, this sh*t is sicker than Oz
Fightin' against them crackers, plus them killers getting at us
Nowhere to run, so I grab my gun
And start blazin', this sh*t got a n*gga agein'
I'mma die a gangsta n*gga, ain't no changin'
A G faithfully, mama pray for me
Yo n*gga, go to school, stay away from me
Got horse for you hustlers, bullets for you cowards
And di*k for you b*tches, up in the Trump Tower

[Hook - till fade]

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