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"Frank Mathews"

Gat the city sippin …
We up
Kid’s going broke
Tryna keep up with me
I’ll rather spend my life in federal custody
But screw with this
There’s a price in this life by name nothing freeCan’t really tell you clear but I started it
The hard living and watch Frank Matthews been on views
My state of mind
How could you argue with a man who rejected poverty
And made his way from where God is business
They say I’m wrong but we all sinners
I just turned myself into something. Mehn!
My paper game is God driven
I feed babies and godwilling
That don’t justify all lives I destroyed
It’s a harsh business
I’m just a mirror of the world as I found it
Don’t blame me we all criminal minded
Cri…cri..cri…cri…cri…criminal minded
Build schools not prisons
Politicians are mindless. Mehn
You abandon the minors and expect them not to go turn criminal minded

Living life of crime
Ain't no other way
To make it out of poverty is give my hunger pay
Never gon’ change no matter my mama pray
Rather see the grave than live a life to pain

[Verse 2]
No complains
I just played the hand that was dealt to me
Watch my mouth
Never know where the feds could be
Decided early it was death as well for me
Gotta get that cash by no paper like self degree
Take a look
I’m what happens when hope leaves
What was now a friend now a dope feigned
I don’t sleep
I’m up night
Thinking of ways of backing out
But I just spent a couple mill watching Mayweather Pacquiao
Exactly how I got to this point
Can’t explain then in the workings
How I became a feign
Like the fees I’m used to serving
Addicted to the power that money brings
Used to walk with holes in my shoes
Now I’m running things
Over-compensation for the days I was suffering
24 surveillance by the federal government (son of men)
How do I sleep on a bed full of cash
Till I’m in a grave with a federal o’ max
These narrow minded people say I’m selling ‘em crack
I’m just selling ‘em hope
A way for them to go


[Verse 3]
Can’t let no crooked politician decide my faith
From the bottom, the top seems so high away
They building prisons
I’m applied to yail (YAIL: Young Adult Independent Living)
American dreams uh?
I was designed to fail
No one to blame for the choices I chose for me
Never a choice, this all It was known to me
But take a minute
You look at it closer, you see
Nowhere in Brooklyn do they grow any cold police
That don’t excuse all lives that I ruined
But if I don’t serve the fees then somebody else will move in
Who am I fooling but I’m only human
At least that is what I tell myself
What am I doing
It bothers me but not as much as poverty
Because despite Obama’s speech
Gat to walk these gaddam streets
Please help the minors
Don’t judge me we all criminal minded


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