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MDMA (Molly)


[Intro: Summrs]
f*ckin' on a lil dope b*tch, she on Vogue (Yeah)
(Oh, yeah, let's go, Kay9ine)
I just put Chanel on her wrist
And I put some pearls on her neck
Let's go

[Verse 1: Summrs]
I just dropped the top on the McLaren
b*tch, I made the opps get embarrassed (Soldier)
I just put Chanel on her wrist (Yeah)
And I put some pearls on her neck, yeah (Okay)
Flashin' my bands in public (Yeah)
And it make the b*tch get naked, yeah (Hey, hey)
She takin' Snaps with her friends, yeah (Yeah)
She think she too sexy, yeah (Yeah)
I just bought a Moncler sweater (Woah)
This for the killer cold
And I'm with a white b*tch too, yeah (Ayy, yeah)
She off the snow (Brr)
She don't wanna drink that little cup, yeah
She just want a dose (She just want a dose)
She want me to come meet her parents (Yeah)
I'm not one of those (I'm not one of those)
Yeah, pull up [?] (Woah)
We ain't one of those, yeah
We just did the jugg, now we on a jet
n*gga, vámonos

[Verse 2: MDMA]
Mm, yeah, [?] (Yeah)
Yeah, on my Dior jeans (Phew)
Ksubi with the cuts (Cuts)
Yeah, emo on my sleeve (Hey)
30 on me (Yeah)
Uh, she wanna take my drinks (Woah)
Gettin' flirty on me (Woah)
Yeah, she want something to get cleaned
Heard you got a Moncler (Brr)
'Cause it's snowin' over here
We got the [?] (Yeah)
We got the candies over here
We got the Mollies here, uh (Yeah)
Percocet 30 in my dip, uh (Woah)
We can get your number, yeah, yeah, uh (Phew)
[?], uh (Yeah)
Margiela distressed (Yeah)
Rick Owens my zip (Yeah)
[?] my belt (Yeah)
I can put you down, let's dip, uh
I can put you down, uh (Yeah)
[?], uh
Pardon my Number (N)ine rear, uh
See all this Dior on my Amiris (Yeah)

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