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"f*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck"

(yeah, capo, pvscale, woah)

I-I'm so high can't open my eyes
Remember when I saw you in the (?)
You were like so cute (?) and you (?)
Come close I just wanna hold you, cause it feels nice
f**k your boyfriend he's so generic
Baby if you want me you can take percocets
(?) said I wasn't famous yet
I don't f**k with molly, catch me noddin' off the opiates

(?) been sober for a lil while, I don't condone this lifestyle
My mind has turned into hell, I'm too deep I can't get out

So tell me what's the meanin' , tell me what you're feelin' (?)
Is this even real (?) do you (?) wanna see me?
I can make you feel so good in the backseat
I just dropped a pill in my syrup, I'm dreamin'

I'm dreamin' yea
Baby I'm crazy, for you and you make my heart feel so blue
I just 'wanna share everything with you
Baby you're an angel in the full moon (yea)

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