Up Now lyrics


[Intro: Capoxxo]

Yuh, woah, yea, damn, woah

[Verse 1: Capoxxo]

Smokin' on the pack, I be stackin' on my racks
My b*t*h she hella bad, I let her count up all my racks
I'm done with flippin' packs, I had to get up off my ass
I used to be broke, I taught myself how to finesse (finesse)
Spendin' at the Gucci store, make it all back (cha-ching)
Three bricks of Tech in my Louis backpack (got drank)
I'm just tryna make it and get my name on the map (yea)
And if I catch you lackin', I pull up and let it blast (bang-bang)
I can't love no hoe because I'm married to the cash (yea)
And I be up all night, doin' stretches [?] my bands (yea)
I'm a young finesser, I make my monеy expand
And I be takin' trips down to Europe on my planе

[Verse 2: Frazier]

I don't know [?], but I leave that sh*t in the past
I'm downing percocets to erase the memories that I had (yea)
I been broke before, but now I'm up getting these racks (up)
Man I love this feeling, now I'm never going back (no)
And I love this feeling [?], Louis on my bag (yea)
And I just bought a whip, yea, b*t*h it's black on black (skrt)
Designer on my shoes and designer on my ass (woah)
I'm tryna make a milli, so it's [?]

[Verse 3: SullyE]

Pourin' up a 4 if I get too stressed (too stressed)
Lately I just been feelin' hella blessed (hella blessed)
Droppin' racks every day on my fit (cha-ching)
When I was young they just told me to quit (a youngin)
Chased the check, when I was just a kid (ya)
I'm buying every thing at the Louis store (woah)
When the money came in, yea I needed more (needed more)
Now my bread is stacked from the roof to the floor
I'm taking flights all the way overseas (overseas)
My money made your hoe get on her knees (suck my d**k)
I only got one dream and that's to be rich (rich)
I'm always focused, never have no time for no b*t*h

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