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[Verse 1]
Even if I go perplex
I forgot the term
You just killed myself
Would you like revenge?
I'm very upset
Treat my mind like hell
What should I expect?
'Cause you did it well
My thoughts ring like bells
I am so concerned
Borders 'round my head
Red and white to yell
Cherry wine on bed
Black spikes, they insane
My nerves so intense
Ignoring, oh damn
You messed up so wrong
Ain't nobody low
As you may think now
I could love that sound
If you're voice's around

(But forgive it now, I'm moving on)
(Is it your night?)
(You a black devil PANTHER!)

[Verse 2]
Maybe I just need to chill
But the sick is real
I was always ill
I don't think you care
So am I, Miss V
Behind me
And my truly kindness
The light and the darkness
Press the button
If your crush is here
Yet, still?
Do not miss, it sounds like a diss
It's so strong, up-beat
Thrill and after thrill
Bouncing feels
Oh sh*t
Contacts, no contacts
You think hot but I think not
Is it right, half of dirty vibes
Half of truth, Ultra Bice

(It's no longer yours)

[Verse 3]
f*ck that words
Going blind
Go disguise
Open your mind
Calm you down
I'm a clown
Consider me like I'm unknown
But just see the past
Friendship for two years
Now it's f*cking done
Drop the phone, lay down
Close your eyes
Be alright
Not for mine, be his rose
It sounds worse
Ride a horse
That was close
Workin' good my curse
Black and white, my love
Kelby on the flow
Killin' beats and hit the streets
This one is for you
Could be called a shoot
I have to reboot

(Put it on repeat, V.)

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