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I Fucked a Turkey

"I Got a Steamy di*k"

[Verse 1]
Suck my di*k, blow my Richard, inhale my pork-sword
Oral my fleshy fun-worm, eat my Jap's eye
Mush on my man-meat, chow down on my cheesy c*ck
Swallow my kids and devour my nosh box

[Verse 2]
Put your face on my happy place, stare at my balls
Headbutt my pelvis, trombone my mutton-dagger
Saliva my urethra, waggle my frenulum
Squeeze down on my corpus spongiosum

Can you gesticulate on the proposition of the endeavourous task of consuming my meticulous genitalia, how about that?
Or in other words, how about you suck my c*ck, eh?

Yeah, that's pretty gay

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