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I Fucked a Turkey


[Intro: Norah O'Donnell & Charlotte Campbell]
Some families are still looking for their children who attended last night's concert. One mother spoke to British TV about her daughter, Olivia
Um, I run downstairs and put the news on. Tried to get hold of Olivia. Couldn't get hold of her. Um, there was many phone calls then. Um, phoned the police, they weren't really helpful at that time 'cause it was so fresh. I-I'm heartbroken at the moment

'Kay, it's not fair to say this 'cause we've only done one gig
But when we let them in, they couldn't even take drinks
See, normally, we are the type to proper take the p*ss
But we remain serious on a track like this
Loading up on Facebook and I've barely heard the stories
Overnight it's changed, become Grande from the Tories
Claiming they're not Muslim, but they still deserve no glory
What they get for popping a nail-bomb through two stories
I know we're rarely serious but for Manchester, we'll pray
Someone flipped an IED at Ariana Grande
Islamic State is lost, so someone should show the right way
Normally, we take the p*ss, we have something to say
Eighty people would be fine if someone noticed quicker
I don't want to be pushing blame, protection should have been thicker
I have a friend who lost a friend, her friendship group diminished
Another friend is still outside and looking for her sister
See, I wrote this song, but I have no intent to anger thee
This song goes out to all, the nearly broken families
Myself, I didn't lose someone, I guess I got off lucky
This song goes out to the people who lost a family

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