Roddy Ricch

"How It Is"

SB, man, you cut up on this one

[Chorus: Roddy Ricch]
My diamonds shine like the stars
And that's why a young n***a came through flexin'
Double Gs on me and my Patek luminescent, yeah
Buss down the Cartiers and got a new necklace
Pull up in the drop, got to send a new message
I wanna get rich and put a milli on my wrist
Lately I been driving, prolly riding with the stick
If you came from the bottom then you know how it is
I came from the struggle so I know how it is

[Verse 1: Roddy Ricch]
I ain't gotta do no cap
Riding in the back of the 'Bach
Can't do no relaxing, all I do is trap
'Cause I want a new AP, yeah
Diamonds looking like HD, yeah
Young n***a had to get it on my own and it made me, yeah
Hoppin' out the jet they know that all my diamonds wet, yeah
I want a milli, I can't ever settle for less, no
Got a lot of cash on me so I gotta ride with the TEC, yeah
Got it out the mud and I'm ballin' like the Nets, yeah
I'm the youngest, richest n***a in the set, yeah
Call me 21 Savage, I just sh*tted on my ex, yeah
I was tryna get rich off the Pyrex
Came straight up out the yacht, yeah
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