Roddy Ricch

"Tip Toe"

[Chorus: Roddy Ricch]
Rose gold Rollie, I'm the n***a put the whole damn hood on, huh
Patron of the New, I had put the drip on
Ask me how many n***as I done put on
My private planes 'bout to fly with the good old
I f**k with bougie b*t*hes, f**k a hood ho
Hit that b*t*h from the back and told her ditto
Seen the jakes and a n***a had to get low
She looking at the Patek like some Skittles
Her husband been talking tough, I turned her widow
Giuseppe got me on my tip-toe
Why you wifin' on a flip ho?
Brought the strap, I'm playin' give 'n' go
Serving junkies out the window
Tried to rob us, got extendo
We ain't playin', no pretendo

[Verse 1: Roddy Ricch]
Sipping on this codeine, a n***a gotta speak my mind, mm-mm
I remember we was havin' po-po 'nem behind, yeah, yeah
I'm gettin' money, I can see the hate inside his eyes, yeah, yeah, huh
f**k a b*t*h, I had to grab her by the waist
Hit the pu**y 'til I knock it outta place
In the V12, get a lot of face
Spare the details, finished on her face
And I had the strap when I caught my case
Just got the grow house started in the Bay
I made a hundred plays in a day
Put an Arabic b*t*h inside of the face
And I got the hood damn near riding every day
Putting money on the opps, no face, no case
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