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Roddy Ricch

"The Box Remix"

[Intro] :

Nelly Vee
Yeah, yeah

[Verse 1] :
God’s with me so I’m safe
Make sure my brother-man Is safe
When you hear
Woo Woo (siren)
It’s the popo on the race
Like tay k, I
Beat the case
Thank God my life is amaze
Didn’t forget hard times
I faced
Get the f**k outa my face
Where was you, wen I had nothin
Used to live at the ghetto
Now I’m living life in the a city
Broke n***a rocking Givenchy
I go hard, I’m so offensive
Young n***a I came from NG
I put all my n***as on Fendi
I made all these b*t*hes call me daddy
Only family told you I ain’t friendly
Hold it down for realest in the game
I’m the champ I’m the mayweather
So much rain like it’s may weather
I’m in chain feel like a prisoner
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