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Roddy Ricch


Verse 1
My uncle is playing that slipknot,he done bad,I'm so numb tonight,I need my girl but I can't leave my phone,alone on the desk,with lent surrounded by it

Chrous (Roddy Ricch)
Day's work is not paid off,paying them n***as every day,but I still stand,but wanna commit suicide

Verse 2 (Travis Scott)
n***as were ready for this sh*t,cause are on drugs,from dat seller,heavy on that weed in the sweet afternoon, and I'm ready for them to come and I got a gang ready with that rope hanging in the air ready to get executed

Bridge (PainMaker and Travis Scott)
However I have evidence of murder, that sh*t is reading heavy,That is why I didn't make a deal with the f**king devil,tonight is that night

Chrous (All)
Day's work is not paid off,paying them n***as every day,but I still stand,but wanna commit suicide X2
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