Roddy Ricch


[Pre-Chorus: Ant Clemons]
Livin' out my dream, my life is different (Different)
If I want it, then I'ma get it (Get it)
Living every day like it was Christmas
'Cause I'm gifted (Ah, ah, ah)
And I know what my gift is (Ah, ah, ah)
And I know that I'm gifted (Ah, ah, ah)
And I know what my gift is (Ah, ah, ah)
'Cause I'm gifted

[Chorus: Cordae & Roddy Ricch]
Uh, I got a whole lotta people that's been countin' on me
Got this bad lil' shawty goin' down on the D
I met shorty and we connected like the WiFi
Hopped in the Phantom, disappeared like, "Voilà"
I told n***as that I would make it, they said, "No way"
Watch them n***as that might eat up off of your plate
They caught me slidin' on the E-Way with the heat on the seat
I got tennis chains with crosses but I still keep a piece

[Verse: Cordae & Roddy Ricch]
See, I was twelve years with the Tommy fit
Fifteen, crankin' "Bobby b*t*h"
I was seventeen years on this Earth
When I popped a Perc', made my body itch
Need a pound of blow when I'm drownin' slow
I was down below, word to Roddy Ricch
We was slap-boxin', no Karate Kid
Start to see the difference with a lotta sh*t
And my grandma got a lotta kids
Bought whips foreign, no mileages
Hit Saks Fifth and got a Prada fit
But I still got a lotta wallet
sh*t, n***a, this the sh*t that I asked for
'Member last year I was mad poor
Seen my momma cry over homicides
Now she down to fly, she got a passport
And my brother locked for a backdoor
Got my grandmomma a new Jaguar
Big body whips like Shaq car
No credit, check, straight cash, card
n***a, no stress, I progress
That's Mos Def like Black Star
Seen the future in my Audemars
Stack paper, don't do no facade
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