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Ooh, yeah
Never give up
Ooh, yeah
Never give in

Under the pressure, under the pressure, yeah
Under the pressure, under the pressure, yeah
If yuh poor, trouble tek you
When yuh rich it nuh settle
'Cause we all under pressure, my friend
Sometimes when yuh feel it yuh cry doh
Hurt yuh heart enuh
But do, no mek it stress yuh
Cause it haffi be better
Nuh haffi live ina the ghetto
Fi be under the pressure, my friend, yeah

[Verse 1]
Lord have mercy
This cya get no worse
Haffi call it a curse
How me heart it a hurt me
Call it cerosee
Because from me birth
A the first me a feel like the Father desert me
But, hmm, all when the pressure erupt
Me never give up
No, no, no me never give in
Me a send up a prayer fi the better living
I cya bawl so a better me sing
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