Black Boys
[Intro: Bashy]
This is out to all the black boys growing up, yeah
There's bare positive black boys around you making movements
Making movements toward success

[Verse 1: Bashy]
Look, it's like I love it when I see rich black men like Diddy and Nelly
But was even happier when I see Dizzee Rascal getting albums or when he gets his face on the telly
Personally, when he won his Mercury
I thought "Well done he's a black boy who's just like me"
So like his respect is due certainly
And then 679 signed Kano, I don't know him but I thought "Okay though"
That's good for him, another black boy that's gonna make dough through legal
Hang tight Lethal, he made 'Pow' and he brought in a few more black people
I rate that highly
That's why no matter what we had I still got to shout out Wiley
He built a scene, amongst us young black boys he built a dream
Like Megaman did with So Solid, to that crew right there, we owe homage
When they won the Brits I was like "Brap! Black boys up in this b*t*h"
When I see Defoe on the pitch I'm like "Brap! Black boys up in this b*t*h"

[Hook: Bashy & (Loick Essien)]
Black boys, black boys
Yeah we're all black boys
And one day we're gonna be black men
And one day we might have black boys and we gotta teach them to be black men
(Ooh child, things are gonna get easier
Ooh child, things will get brighter)
[Verse 2: Bashy]
Yo look, no we ain't hooligans
Just young and talented nubians
With potential and promise
Inovative young masterminds like Sean Wallace
We need role models, so youngers know what success is
Thats why I feel boom inside when I see a black man like Tim Campbell can win The Apprentice
But when Swiss made "Cry", I ain't gonna lie I coulda of cried
Look what happened to the motherland
They didn't wanna see blacks the same as another man
When I heard that line that sent tingles down my spine
Shout out all them ebony dimes, Katie Pearl and Keisha White
Ms. Dynamite, Sadie, Dezza and Charde
Hang tight Beverly Knight
Black diamonds, what a heavenly sight
Soon we'll be getting it right
See ourselves as equal
Big up P.D.C. and Northstar 'cos there's strength in numbers
When you'er black and single, you're feeble
Stick together my young black people

[Hook: Loick Essien]
Ooh child, things are gonna get easier
Ooh child things will get brighter
Ooh child, things are gonna get easier
Ooh child things will get brighter
[Outro: Bashy]
And I don't want anyone to think I've forgotten them
Cause I see all the black boys striving towards success
We all need to make money innit
Shout out Sway, hang tight Boy Better Know
The Movement, Lamar, Fundamental, Nathan
R.I.P. DJ Swing
Lindon David Hall
Big up Omar, Jazzie B, Soul II Soul
Bernie Grant, Lord Learie Constantine
Shouts out to Aml Ameen, Ashley Waters
Big up Richard Blackwood
Hang tight Kojo, Lenny Henry
Big up Blak Twang, Rodney P
Understand it can be done
Look at Sir Trevor McDonald, Linford Christie, Ian Wright
MD's like Darcus
Shout out Naughty Boy on the beat
Loick, shout out all the black boys on lock down
Keep your head high man
All the black sons
You know what, shout out my pups man
Positive black man in my life, yeah