Before Before
Let me take you on a tour of my life before

[Verse 1]
Yo, If a girl knows where you stay that's poor
Some w**** banging at your door, what for?
Pregnant!? What you talking 'bout? Be sure
15, she's underage that's raw
I used to recite Dizzee's bars before
Before I had a buzz in all the lyrical wars
I used to roll around London in my 1.4 Silver Renault Clio that my Dad bought
I spit a 16 bar, hot like tar
D Double E had my feeling like a star
Had me shouting Oooaaahh out of my car
That was after So Solid but before Lemar

Before Beofre
This was my life before
Let me take you on a tour of my life before

[Verse 2]
It's like before the mixtapes, the shows and the crowda
Before the videos, the magazines and the album
Before them clothing labels were running me down, cuz
I was up in Eskimo Dance just skanking out, bruv
Before CCs, Before Channel U, Before MySpace, Before Bathing Apes
It was black chat barbeques with paper plates
Offkey Mosch, Pay As You Go, Major Ace
Before my release date I swapped Heartless tapes
No Blackberry, Nokia changing face
Low battery, put my phone on charge
Before oysters it was two pound travel cards (or jump the barrier)

[Verse 3]
Before Kidulthood, A****hood, before Bullet Boy
It was A Force, Babyfather and Real McCoy
Before it was Desmond's day out, day in
Matthew, "There's an old African saying"
Before Fruit Twist it was plain Orange Fanta
Rolling around in Rev's banged down Panda
Before PS3 it was SNES, N64 suttin' and Dreamcast
Before it was carnival 30 man strong
Now we don't go carnival 'cos carnival's long
Before niche, funky house (before before)
It was UK Garage that was hurting the floor
It was right before my eyes before cure and the cause
(Let me take you on a tour of my life before)
It's like before I was whipping I was on bus slipping
But back then there wasn't all these nag killings
Before the fancy restaurants, before the nice women
It was two burgers and two fries from Sam's Chicken
Now I earn a few grand on my weekend
But before I was working up High Street Ken
I was serving peeps
And when I weren't I was folding jeans, folding jumpers, folding T's for five pound ten
Urban Outfitters, I was stealing clothes before
I never got caught, but I got sacked for attendance (b*t*h)
Way before the ofcom saga
One day my presence will be before and I will have a new after
[Hook x3]