Spit Your Game
[Speaking - Bashy]

Bracka, bracka, bracka, bracka
You know what time it is, it's Bashy!
Yo, you know it's North West worldwide innit
Ragz2Richez b*t*h! It's 2NV
Ey you know what I think innit (What?)
The level in the UK right now is just so low

[Verse 1]

Ha, what's that I beg your pardon? Don't you know?
Man ain't even getting box again they're getting Carter
Won't here me spitting about Queens or Harlem (No)
I spit about Green or Harlesden or, in Queensway up in Harlem
Whether I'm on a label or not I'm mashing P's regardless
Yeah they might be signed but getting f**ked like a faggot
Me, I got my publishing, I own it, I have it
Shola Ama had a grand a week cocaine habit
When I read that was like damn it, why oh why?
When Shola was sniffing a lines, couldn't I get her up on my lines
That would have been the sweetest taboo
I would have been eating her food
Like I just went Younguns copped a peanut juice and a stew
Yeah I might be skinny, f**k me with the result would
Leave you f**ked up like Trevor from Kidulthood, pu**y!
[Speaking - Masterstepz]

Shout out to Aml Ameen, Kidulthood
Ya dunknow, big boy actor!